Iglesia de San Francisco, La Paz

,La Paz
, La Paz
, La Paz


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Bolivia tourist attractions - Iglesia de San Francisco

The hewed stone basilica of San Francisco reflects an appealing blend of 16th-century Spanish and mestizo (indigenous-Spanish) trends. The facade is decorated with stone carvings of natural themes while the mass of rock pillars and stone faces in the upper portion of the plaza is intended to honor Bolivia's three great cultures - Tiahuanaco, Inca and modern.

The cloisters and garden of the recently opened Museo San Francisco, adjacent to the basilica, beautifully revive the history and art of the city's landmark. There are heavenly religious paintings, historical artifacts, an interesting anteroom and a nice view from the roof.

San Francisco Church is situated in the square of the same name in La Paz downtown is considered one of the main meeting points of the La Paz city population.

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